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Head Guards
Should You Wear Head guard When Sparring?

Boxing is inherently physically demanding, but experts say that the game is usually safe which the danger for serious injury exists even as much in sports like boxing, hockey, cycling and racing because it does in boxing. In any sport, finding the proper protective equipment is all a part of the method. Even as you protect your hands with boxing gloves, you would like to defend your head, skull and teeth from impact so you will fight safely and specialize in your ultimate goal beating your opponent. So, you should wear head guard during practice or boxing fight to prevent yourself from any serious injury.

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Martial Arts History

Many people consider Asia to be the center of the martial arts world—though it is not necessarily the birthplace of all the arts. However, it can’t be denied that many of the most prominent martial arts originate from the region—kung fu, karate, Hwa rang do.

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