Should You Wear Head guard When Sparring?

Boxing is inherently physically demanding, but experts say that the game is usually safe which the danger for serious injury exists even as much in sports like boxing, hockey, cycling and racing because it does in boxing. In any sport, finding the proper protective equipment is all a part of the method. Even as you protect your hands with boxing gloves, you would like to defend your head, skull and teeth from impact so you will fight safely and specialize in your ultimate goal beating your opponent. So, you should wear head guard during practice or boxing fight to prevent yourself from any serious injury.


Which Head guard Is Best?

A good head guard that fits tight and is formed from highly shock absorbing material without significantly increasing the dimensions and weight of the top can help to temper the forces that impact the top when being hit by a punch. Modern boxing gloves with polyurethane filling do their part to melt such blows too. The combined reduction of K.E. can convert powerful punches that might cause a knockout and concussions to sub-concussion level allowing the fighter to continue fighting

When you are buying a head guard for practice or professional fight, do make sure that you get the correct size according to the dimension of your head and remember the following measures:

  • The head guard should be in a proper fit.
  • It should completely cover your head and ears.
  • You should have clear field of view.
  • Should have either a secure Velcro or lace closure system.

head guard 1

Choose the correct Size:

Please check before the primary workout, if the head guard adjusts perfectly to the form of the head and if the forehead and ears are completely covered. The head guard should have a decent fit and will not be ready to slip. The sector of vision must not be restricted to stop slipping, it has to be checked before using the head guard, if the Velcro fasteners and buckled fastenings are locked securely and if the laced fastenings are tied.


Sizing Guide for head guard:

 head guard 2

Usage of head guard?

Always remember that the head guards made for boxing, MMA and other combat sports should only be used for the aforementioned sport. During other sports, you can't use them as they are designed to prevent fighter injuries and are built for that purpose. If you use any other sport, this will risk your safety and damage the head guard too.

In case the head guard is suffering damage, immediately replace it. Under no circumstances should the damaged head guard be used for training or sparring.


Cleaning and Storage:

Protect the head guard from moisture and wet. Always store dry. Provide permanently ventilation after training in order that the moisture from sweating can evaporate. Clean by hand with kind or mild cleanser. Remove cleaning excesses with a humid cloth and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Dry the head guard at ambient temperature during a well-ventilated space. Avoid heat sources and heat. Never use chemicals, paint thinner, fuel, alcohol or strong detergents for cleaning as they could damage the surface. Clean the leather with an appropriate, colorless care product.


What not to do while you're cleaning your head guard:

  • Do not put the head guard in direct sun light.
  • Putting the head guard ahead of or near a heat source is additionally not recommended.
  • Do not use a hand blower on the head guard.
  • Do not use any quite chemicals or detergents to wash, they're going to remove the natural oils of the leather and it'll start to crack.
  • You cannot machine wash or hand wash the head guard. The leather material will lose its durability if it's exposed to water for that long. So you ought to not even avoid soaking the gear within the water.
  • Do not put the head guard within the dryer, it'll destroy its shape.